If you're shopping around for a wedding photographer you're probably sick of phrases like 'Gold Package'. Photographers like to add a tier system to upsell you into paying more for things you don't actually want (do you really need that 'gold-plated USB stick in a carved zebrawood presentation case'?). But if you don't cough up for all these fancy extras, the cheaper packages often include less photos etc, so you're pressured into paying top dollar.

Not me.

I charge £100 per hour for weddings.

Plus I'll give you a free hour for every 4 hours booked, giving you nice little discounted day rates:

  • Half day (5hrs) - £400
  • Full day (10hrs) - £800

(One exception: for a single hour only, I charge a fixed £150. This is simply because the ceremony is the part that requires the most gear, organisation, insurance.)

Don't feel like you need to worry about going over, by the way. Once we've agreed a price, that's what you'll pay.
What do you get for your money?

  • Unlimited hand-edited photos - I'll send you everything that's usable, in ultra-high quality
  • Digital delivery - all your photos sent as a digital download (USB sticks available for a small charge)
  • No restrictions on how you use your photos - feel free to order your own prints etc
  • A 'sneak peek' mini album within 24hrs (if requested), followed by the full album within 14 days


If you're planning a birthday, anniversary, christening, retirement, ritual goat sacrifice or any other social get-together, you'll be happy to know I charge just £60 per hour. This includes unlimited edits, delivered digitally.


For any business/commercial work (ie where the photos are being used by a profit-making company) I typically charge** £60/hr**, with £250 half-day and £500 full day. This includes events, promo shots, corporate headshots, business interiors etc. Registered charities and CICs will of course get a discounted rate. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a more tailored quote though.


I prefer not to charge hourly for photographing people, since some people take longer to warm to the camera than others and watching the clock doesn't help with stress! I generally charge a fixed price per session, which varies depending on the type of shoot. Here's some examples of typical prices:

  • Headshot/portrait session (location) - £60-80 (location), £70-100 (studio)
  • Family photo session - £60-100 (location), £90-150 (studio)
  • Band photos - £60-100 (location), £100-150 (studio)
  • Pet/animal shots - £50

Get in touch and let me know what you need!