Hi, I'm Kyle and I'd like to photograph your wedding.

It seems like many suppliers exist simply to squeeze as much money as possible out of happy couples in love. Have you seen how many different wedding ‘awards’ there are? It’s a multi-million-pound industry trying to convince you that your special day won’t be truly meaningful unless you spend, spend, spend.

That doesn’t mean I’m some anti-consumer hippy who thinks everyone should just get married in shorts and sandals, of course. I’ve covered everything from huge, beautifully-planned events to tiny 4-person registry office ceremonies and they’ve all been lovely in different ways.

But going the extra mile for a picturesque location can make a world of difference, and splashing out on tasty food is never a sin (bonus points if there’s some set aside for your photographer!). Arriving in a nice wedding car adds a real sense of weight to your journey, and the right suits, flowers, decorations etc can make for timeless photos. But ‘compromise’ isn’t a dirty word – you’ve got to find a balance between what you want and what’s practical for you, your guests, and perhaps your wallet!

You won’t find me on any ’50 Best Wedding Photographers’ list, nor will you see me at wedding fairs with a fancy stall and a polo shirt with my logo on it. What I will do is cover the story of your wedding day honestly, without being intrusive or taking or any more of your precious time than you want to spend on the photos.

It sounds corny but it’s all about about capturing as many good memories as possible, in a beautiful and timeless way…not making the front page of some fancy wedding magazine.

If you want to set aside a bit of time for getting a really dramatic, artistic shot then sure, I love getting a chance to use my technical skills; I shoot a lot of fashion photography so I always love setting up stuff like that! But I find most couples would rather get some nice simple, honest formal photos and then get back to enjoying their day.